Love and Hate Stories

by Coxido

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released July 22, 2016



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Coxido Brazil

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Track Name: Miss You a Lot
Starting up where my life strikes my face again
I want to send you a message so bad:
"miss you a lot, but only in the lonely nights
I'm sorry I can't miss you all the time"

but I'll hold these words not to hurt yourself,
I'm afraid of feeling these things I've never felt
new glasses won't change your sight
if you can't see love, the problem isn't mine
Track Name: Fuck You Boris
It's gonna take some time for me to finally accept you the way you are
but it seems I'll never forget the day you've stoled my horn, stoled my life
sadness as the days go by, can't you see that I don't wanna go to college really? because they won't teach me how to fly upon existence.

If I can't go, then what will I do? the books gonna make me lose,
I don't want to read them all the time
Boris is dying in my mind, then who am I going to hate? I can easily stand anyone but you
I don't like you
get out of my life
Track Name: The Most Adorable Blue Eyes I've Ever Seen in my Life
When I first saw you you were sitting alongside me
and I was sweating so much, that time I couldn't see
the most adorable blues eyes I've ever seen in my life

I tried to say some hello so many times
but the semester is over, it was a waste of time
I tried to find disposition to get up and try, but you know

nothing can be bigger than the things I believe in

when we took the train together I was so excited
I got the courage I needed to start a conversation
there were some magic flipflopping around us and I felt fine

one of these days I didn't sleep and I've left home by the morning
got in the car, it was raining and the day was gray
then I passed by your house and realized I'll never get up there